Chapter 3: More Than Friends (Nancy series)

However, he showed no sign of disapproval and when he moved between her legs, she spread them further as an invitation to go in. He kissed around her pussy before using his hands to delicately open her outer labia. She was still dry down there, but not for long. He kissed and licked around the outer lips and spiraled his way further in. Nancy reached down to hold his head, but let him control all the movement.
“Oh, I love what you’re doing,” she moaned out to him.
She could feel herself waking up deep inside and coming alive from his touch. Her juices were already starting to flow before he ever reached her clit and she badly wanted to feel him inside her again. His tongue worked around the small hood covering her sensitive bud and that sent more tingles of excitement shooting up from her depths. Eventually, he reached her clit and when he started to lick around and over it, he also slid two fingers up inside her cunt hole. He worked them in and out of her carefully to make sure she was completely ready for the intrusion. Nancy responded by moving her hips up slightly and then trying to hump his fingers.
He continued to stimulate her pussy for several more minutes, but when he started getting tired, he moved up over her some more. He slid her gown further up until her breasts were exposed. Nancy raised her arms up over her head to lead him into removing it completely. After slipping the soft material over her head, Paul laid it on the bed next to them and moved down to enjoy her breasts for a while. He started by blow cool air over them; after a few more seconds, he started licking lightly around the areolae with random excursions to lick and brush his lips over her nipples. His touch was gentle and slight. The cool air blowing over her warm, red buds felt wonderful. Nancy’s nipples were tingling and hard and she wanted more.
Nancy closed her eyes again and enjoyed everything he did to her breasts. A few times he took a break from them and dropped back down between her thighs to lick her wet pussy and tiny clit which heightened her pleasure. Once he finished licking around her nipples, he shifted to sucking them. He was gentle at first, but she pulled his head down harder into her soft, tender flesh to encourage him to be more forceful. He felt exactly like a baby suckling on her teat, which brought a different kind of warm memory to her mind. She caressed he head with both her hands to let him know she liked what he was doing and to reassure him that she enjoyed what he was doing..
“Suck harder,” she urged. He complied with her request until she thought he was going to extract non-existant milk from her poor tits. She cried out and he immediately stopped. Releasing her from his mouth, he looked up and he asked in a concerned voice, “Was that too hard? I don’t want to hurt you.”
“Oh no,” she replied in a breathless voice. “I love what you’re doing.”
“Do you like rough nipple play,” he asked.
“I don’t know,” she answered. “I really don’t have that much experience.”
He processed her statement and kissed her lips. “I’ll try to be careful, but let me know if I go too far and you don’t like it.”
“Mmmm…,” she smiled back. “I can’t wait to see what you have in mind.” 
Paul moved back down to her left breast and began by rubbing his chin over it. The roughness of his beard stubble reddened the entire area and made her breast feel warm and more sensitive. Next, he took the nipple firmly between his teeth without biting too hard and he pulled upward slowly to stretch it out.. His tongue teased the tip inside his mouth Nancy felt a sharp sensation emanating from the middle of her boob, but if quickly dulled and became pleasurable. She watched him lift her soft breast up from its nearly flat position on her chest to a peak rising several inches up. Paul watched her face intently and when he thought she was starting to feel too much pain, he released her nipple and her breast fell back flat against her.
“Ohhh!” she cried out. Before he could ask if that had been too much, she pulled his head down hard into her left breast and didn’t release it until he seized her nipple between his teeth again. He repeated what he did previously and once more, Nancy cried out, but this time her cry sounded more like a combination of pleasure and relief rather than one of pain. He shifted to her right breasts and when he finished, both nipples were elongated and dark red. He gave each one a soft kiss and gentle lick, and then slipped back down between her legs to savor her pussy some more. 
Time went by slowly for Nancy and she was in a state of rapture while Paul took his time pleasuring her body with his mouth and fingers. When she climaxed for the first time, it came upon her suddenly and intensely. He was playing with her nipples at the time and she was surprised that it caused an orgasm. He stopped after the final tingle of excitement faded and moved up to lie alongside her.They kissed a long time and she felt his hands caressing her; she couldn’t remember ever feeling so much happiness before. 
When their kiss ended, she looked into his eyes and knew she wanted him in her life forever. She brushed her hand over his face and smiled. She suddenly felt badly that he had been doing all the work and she had been receiving all the pleasure. She also wanted to take him and feel him deep inside her. 
Nancy quickly rolled over on top of Paul and held his wrists down on the mattress on either side of his head. “Now, it’s my turn, and you’re all mine!” she told him with a huge smile. He pretended to struggle under her, but it was all an act on both their parts. She gave him a quick and forceful kiss and then released his arms so that she could move down his body.
He was still wearing his boxers, so the first thing Nancy did was yank them down his legs and then toss them to the floor by his discarded shorts and shirt. His cock was soft and lay in a shrunken state across the top of his thigh. This was one thing she did know how to deal with. 
She began by pulling his legs wide apart to give her free access to everything she was interested in. She got in a compfotable position between them and took his flaccid cock between her thumb and two fingers. Pulling it up, Nancy started stroking along the upper part by the glans. At the same time, she moved down to kiss all around the head and give it a few nice licks as well. Her hand continued its slow stroking and she only paused long enough to lick along the shaft where she was holding it. It had already started to grow, but she knew it had a lot more to go. She worked her tongue down the underside of his shaft and didn’t stop until he reached his balls hanging down below it. 
She took one in her mouth and sucked on it tenderly. She could feel his cock twitching in her hand as she continued her slow stoking motions. She drew back while still sucking on his ball and let it pull out from her mouth. She took the other one and did the same time. She took the head of his cock in her mouth and twirled her tongue around it for a few seconds and then released it. She went down lower to lick and tease the small area between his balls and his asshole. Paul squirmed under her, but she retained her firm grasp on his cock. She guessed that it was nearly fully erect, and giving one final lick below his balls, she rose up the start getting serious with his cock.
She had seen it several times before, but now she spent more time examining it and memorizing every detail. She always thought it was well-proportioned. It was close to eight inches when hard and she guessed it to be close to two-inches across from the base to the glans. The head looked like a fireman’s hat capping the top of his shaft, and she thought it looked remarkably like one of the perfectly shaped, large, life-like dildos she had viewed in catalogs in the past. Her fingers continued their soft caressing along his shaft and she took the head between her lips once more. 
She licked and moved her mouth and tongue around it without taking much more between her lips. She moved up and let it slip out, but used her teeth to hinder its release. She could feel the firm flesh compressing to get through her teeth and smiled to herself when he writhed around under her and made low groaning noises.She kissed around it again and then took it in her mouth a little deeper. 
Nancy spent nearly ten minutes working her way down his shaft. Each time she removed it from her mouth, she used her teeth and tongue to tease and torture the most sensitive parts. She stopped stroking it with her hand the final time when she took his entire length in her mouth and her lips reached the curly hairs at the base of his cock. She used the earlier time to get her throat muscles to relax so that when she took all of it, she didn’t gag.She held him like that for half a minute and Paul thought he could feel her throat constricting and relaxing around the end of his cock. 
Nancy carefully withdrew and gave herself a few seconds to get her breathing back under control while she considered what she wanted to do next. She considered giving him a prostate massage, but decided that she didn’t want to leave the bed to find some lubricant or to clean up afterwards. She finally decided to share the pleasure by reversing herself over him to get in a 69 position. 
Paul needed no guidance. As soon as Nancy positioned her wet pussy over his face, he reached up with his hands to pull her down over his mouth. She reciprocated by leaning over him and sucking his cock some more. She wanted to be careful to keep him from cumming too soon, but he was under no such restriction.His tongue plunged into her tender pink folds seeking out her little clit. Once found, he captured it between his lips and them used his tongue to brush ove the very tip of it. 
It was like an electric shock to Nancy and she almost bit hard into his cock. She tasted the first few drops of his pre-cum and quickly withdrew him from her mouth to reduce the stimulation. She could see his large cock throbbing below her and couldn’t wait any longer.
She rose up off his face and sat over his cock in a squatting position that gave her absolute control. She reached between he legs to guide his hard rod up inside her waiting pussy. Paul felt the warm wetness enveloping his cock as Nancy eased herself down over it. He held her up by her shoulders to help her balance and watched as she rose and fell over him. He tried to resist thrusting up into her, but his self-control vanished rapidly. 
Nancy responded by lowering herself to lay over his body, which gave him another opportunity to enjoy her swaying breasts. He looked at them sagging down before him and felt a greater sense of arousal than if they had been perfectly formed and firm. There was nothing firm about them anymore, but he didn’t care. He actually found them more desirous the way they were. He moved her left breast to his mouth and suckled it hard. He tried to take the entire breast between his lips and nearly succeeded. Nancy felt a tremendous pulling as she watched him take her boob. He released it and shifted to the right breast to do the same thing.
She increased her rhythm until she was riding him furiously. Each time she went down, there was a wet slapping sound from the bottom of her ass hitting his thighs covered with her pussy juice. When Paul started heaving himself up into her, she knew he was close. She completely covered his body and took his head between her hands fo a long, hard kiss. They were still joined in a kiss when his body tensed and thenrelaxed and his warm cream spurted inside her waiting pussy.He gave two more weak thrusts and she felt his cock pulsing to eject the last few drops of his cream until it was spent. Only then did he relax. 
The kissed again, this time with a soft, controlled passion that sealed the emotional bonding they had just shared. Nancy had never made love like that before and she couldn’t imagine ever having a better experience, but she didn’t care. She knew she loved Paul and wanted to be with him forever. Before any doubts about his intentions crossed into her mind he whispered, “I love you” and she believed him with all her heart. “I love you, too” she whispered back. She rested her head on his chest and heard his heart still thumping and felt at peace.
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